YES I can write a class for you

Q: I’d like to get in front of more Realtors and thought maybe I could teach clock hour classes. How do I get started?

A: I wrote an article about this!

Q: I want to teach Realtor clock hour classes but I’m just not a writer. I want to teach a fun, interactive class and I don’t have the time to figure out how to put something together that the state will approve. Can you help?

A: YES I can write real estate clock hour classes for you, individually or for your real estate school. Call me: 206-931-2241 or email me: jillayne at ceforward dot com

Q: I don’t want to set up my own real estate school. Can I just teach your classes?

A: Yes, you can do that for a per-student fee. Realize that all real estate schools must supervise their instructors. Instructors have to be qualified to teach the topics they’d like to teach and approved by the WA State DOL.

Q: Do you teach the Instructor Development Workshop?

A: Yes, you can read more about this course here. This is required for all who want to teach Realtor Clock Hour classes in Washington State with some minor exceptions. For example, if you have a Bachelor’s degree in Education or if you are teaching college classes, you do not need to take this course. I teach this class several times per year. check the schedule or call me 206-931-2241 if you don’t see the class on the schedule.

206-931-2241 or