Instructor Dev

Instructor Development Workshop
15 Clock Hours

This two day, 15 hour workshop meets requirements for professionals who are seeking state approval to become continuing education instructors for real estate brokers.

In this workshop, we will learn how to facilitate learning in an adult continuing ed environment.  We’ll learn several methods of instruction, how to handle classroom diversity, how to stimulate class participation, time management techniques, and what to do when you’re not prepared. Additional objectives are as follows:

Learn one’s unique teaching strengths and weaknesses
Understand how to define class goals, organize a class and create a teaching style
Learn effective strategies for managing common classroom dynamics
Develop oral presentation skills
Learn about group dynamics and conflict management strategies
Develop a personal roadmap for continued improvement as a facilitator


Also, here is an article I wrote about how to get started teaching Realtor Clock Hour Classes.

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End of course evaluations:

“How can I summarize what I have learned in the past two days? Let me start with my preconceptions. I believed that I would not be able to move away from “lecture” mode and that lecture really was the most effective way to teach.  Jillayne has taught me that not only were my preconceptions wrong but rather the new skills I learned will make me a better presenter and teacher by allowing my natural strengths to emerge, and allowing room for what’s relevant: what the students need to learn (not what I think they must learn.) This has truly been a great eye-opener.”

“I now have a pathway and a vehicle and am on my way to becoming a Realtor clock hour instructor. Jillayne, thank you for being so real. It was an amazing two days and I wish I had done it sooner.”

“This was a great class! You are dynamic, interactive and creative. The workshop caused me to think a bit outside the box. I now understand that most adults want to learn from each other and not just an instructor because everyone in the room has experience to bring to the table, not just the instructor. I also believe most real estate teachers are clueless regarding different teaching models.  Thanks for an energetic class.”

“This was an excellent learning experience for me-expanded my view of communicating and left me buzzing with ideas.  Jillayne not only taught by her words and handouts but also by her actions; the most powerful form of communication.  This class was worth every penny.”

“This class has been enlightening and enjoyable and valuable. I have experienced many levels of emotion in this class. Thank you for your experiences, your open facilitation, and obvious support you revealed to us. I appreciate your cador and your honest evaluation of all the varying skills demonstrated.  Excellent class!!!”

“My experience in this workshop was very positive. Jillayne was a very informative instructor that made me feel comfortable at all times. Jillayne brought things out in me that I didn’t know I had. Thanks for a fun learning experience.”

“My experiene with Jillayne and my classmates has been very positive. There was one point yesterday with our first assignment that I became very angry. I felt really unhappy that I didn’t understand what our assignment was. I recovered by the second assignment on the same topic and came to realize that my anger was at being pushed outside my comfort zone and that I wasn’t in control. Now I understand that letting go of lecture-mode means that I have to be okay with letting go of being in control. This has been a wonderful growth experience. Thank you so much for pouring yourself into all of us.”

“I learned that I really need to learn additional ways to improve my listening skills; kind of surprised me! 🙂 Thank you Jillayne; great class.”

“Enjoyed the workshop, especially the teaching demonstrations and feedback from others. I feel as if I’ve identified areas I need to grow and the solutions for improving my facilitation style. Thanks for everything Jillayne.”

“this workshop was fun, informative, interactive, and very well planned. Jillayne is a very engaging facilitator. ”

“I had been putting off taking this workshop for six months.  I left appreciating the experience and the knowledge of what facilitation looks like. I’m grateful for your examples, for your openness and frankness and the learning time we had together.”

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