HUD Homes

Successfully Selling HUD Homes
3 Clock Hours

This course is designed to help real estate brokers learn how to sell HUD Homes in Washington State. In this course we will learn how the bidding process works for owner occupants v. investors, special HUD programs like “Good Neighbor Next Door,” and FHA 203K, how to register with HUD, MLS listing codes, rules for selling brokers advertising HUD Homes, showing guidelines, completing the sales contract, how to avoid common errors when submitting a bid, contract revisions, and closing.

Price: $10-15 per person for 3 clock hours
Free for students who do not need clock hours

Links mentioned in class:

NAID Registration

HUD Homestore

HUD’s “First Look” program

Washington State falls into HUD area 2S
Field Service Mgmt Contractors: Asset Management Specialists, and Cityside Management.
Asset Mgmt Contractors: BLB Resources, and PEMCO.
Contractor Award PDF

HUD’s Good Neighbor Next Door program for firefighters, EMTs, teachers, and policemen.

Washington State Human Rights Commission (Protected Classes in WA State)

End of Course Evaluations

“So glad I came to class today. My last HUD bid did not go well because I felt like I had to learn everything by doing it the wrong way….feel much more confident now.”

“This course should be required for all real estate brokers before submitting a HUD bid.”

“Enjoyed Kendra Todd’s delivery. She got right to the point and helped us understand the most important things I needed to know about HUD Homestore and submitting a bid.”

“Wow, I had no idea there were so many little intricacies involved in working with the government.”

“Worth my time.”

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