Ethics for Realtors

4 Clock Hours

This course satisfies the National Association of Realtors requirement for ethics training and also satisfies the SKCAR requirement for new agent orientation.

This course is designed to provide a rational framework and methodology for Realtors and real estate agents to use in approaching the resolution of ethical problems in the practice of real estate. Attendees will delve more deeply into a methodology for solving moral problems, identify important moral values in the practice of real estate, develop an awareness of how others reflect about ethical problems, understand traditional ethical theory and its influence on the Realtor Code, improve their ability to dialogue with others about moral dilemmas and problems, and obtain a greater understanding of how to apply the Realtor Code outside of the classroom and inside the real world of real estate.

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End of Course Evaluations:

“Great presentation. I expected a very boring class and got exactly the opposite.”

“This has been a very interesting class. I enjoyed the use of the case studies and the way Jillayne presented the material which was interactive rather than what could be a very boring reading of the facts like my last ethics class. Thank you!”

“Good content presented with mandatory interaction.”

“I enjoyed this class way more than I thought I would. I enjoyed working in groups.  I’m the type of person who is more hands-on and visual. I feel I learn best that way so I feel I got a lot out of this class because of the way it was taught.”

“My brain hurts…in a good way! To think I thought I was a sales person but my responsibility to my client, my colleagues and the public is quite large. Thanks for reminding me that I am a professional.”

“Best class I have ever attended. Informative, insightful and inspirational.”

“Good class. Tough subject as it is an emotional issue but instructor brought good objectivity.”

“I took this class online for free three years ago.  In this class, I learned way, way more.”

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