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Clients Behaving Badly
4 Real Estate Clock Hours

Buying and selling a home is considered one of the major life stress events.  Real estate brokers are becoming more aware of the need for basic counseling skills as we help homeowners in foreclosure and anxious home buyers through these major life transitions.  This course is specifically designed to help real estate brokers learn how to work with clients behaving badly, or, said another way, clients under stress.

This is NOT a class on personality styles. That is so 1990. In this course, we will learn about the most common personality disorders triggered by the stress of a real estate sale or purchase.  Real estate brokers will learn new skills on how to set boundaries when dealing with clients behaving badly, while becoming more self aware of how our own behavioral choices during a client encounter can help our clients achieve their real estate goals.

In this four hour class we will learn the following and more:

Acquire basic knowledge about common personality disorders

Understand how the stress of buying/selling can exacerbate underlying disorders

How to work with a client who is depressed or anxious

How to help a hoarder prepare to list and sell his/her home

Learn how to help clients solve their own problems

Improve the quality and clarity of your verbal communication skills

Practice essential counseling skills needed in today’s challenging real estate market.
Note: Instructor has an M.A. in Psychology.

Watch Realtors talk about their experience in this class.

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Some End of Course Evaluations:

“Class reminded me that just because it’s business doesn’t mean it’s not personal. The client’s emotions ARE relevant in a real estate transaction.”

“Relative to other in-person classes I’ve been to…OMG! No comparison. I wish all live classes were this good!”

“I learned to look at behavior through a different lens and see the underlying reasons why my clients behave the way they do.”

“I loved the energy level and presentation style of the instructor.”

“This class was helpful in learning about personality disorders without the burden of having to diagnose anyone.”

“I learned that I don’t have to always be the strong personality in a business relationship.”

“Good class that uses the student’s own real life experiences.”

“Great info! Well presented with lots of good group interaction.”

“Great class. Way more information than I expected.”

“Thank you so much for helping me revisit the fundamentals of interacting with delicate feelings and hostile, stressful situations. My big take-away was how important it is to validate my clients!”

“I learned a new perspective on the word ‘bad’

“Love your enthusiasm! I learned how important it is to understand my client’s values.”

“Why isn’t role-playing mandatory for all classes like this? It was the best part of your class.”

“Fun, active, kept my interest!”

“Wonderful class. Biggest take aways were to ask questions with the intent to understand (not lead), listen and reflect, and validate feelings. All great reminders. Real estate may be a business but it’s very, very personal.”

“I learned what I’ve been doing wrong, and I learned how to be a better listener.”

“I am going to walk out of the classroom and immediately use what I learned with my current buyer client.”

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