Body Language

Body Language: How To Listen With Your Eyes
4 Clock Hours

Nonverbal communication, “body language” often communicates a different message from the spoken word.  While we cannot read the minds of our clients, we can read and understand certain body movements.  This course will provide answers to key questions about the effective use of body language for real estate brokers.  Through practical application, we will learn how effective use of body language can contribute to better performance in sales negotiations.

* Become aware of your non-verbal signals during real estate negotiations
* Recognize your client’s key non-verbal signals
* Identify the thought process of the man who straddles his chair or the woman who holds her coffee cup with both hands.
* Learn how to pinpoint client resistance and turn it to your advantage
* Learn how to recognize verbal objections before they are expressed

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“Totally enjoyed the conversations that went on between the instructor and the group, and within my small group. Engaging and interactive.  You are believable–and show us with YOUR body language.”

“Loved the handout with all the pictures.”

“I have learned so much today. I now understand myself a little better and how my own body posture may conflict with what I’m trying to communicate with my clients.”

“I liked the small group role play. My biggest take-away is that I need to pay more attention to my clients!”

“Your class was excellent, interesting and delivered with enthusiasm!”

“Your energy was wonderful.”

“I learned that I need to slow down and listen to my clients.”

“Interesting, unique, USEFUL topic. Jillayne kept things rolling in an entertaining way.”

“I can use this information to observe the Realtor on the other side of the transaction, too!”

“I like the mix of interactive lecture and work in small groups. I liked how YOU listened to us and watched OUR body language and answered questions that were important to us.”

“I learned way more than I expected to learn today.”





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