WA Mortgage Broker Exam Prep

Washington State Mortgage Broker Exam Prep

There is very little study material available for purchase to help those who need to pass the Washington State Designated Mortgage Broker Exam. Years ago, we taught this class live and people would fly in from all over the U.S. because back then, you had to take the test here in Washington State.  Now this test is available at proctored testing facilities all over the U.S. so instead of a live class, we sell practice quizzes.

The very best study material for the WA State Designated Mortgage Broker Exam are the laws and rules!

Unfortunately, many test candidates underestimate this exam so they try to take this exam with very little studying and are surprised at how tough it is.  Actually, it’s not tough if you study the right material.

Here is the WA State Mortgage Broker Info page on our state regulator’s website.
The DB exam questions will come from this list of possible topic categories.
Look at letter (c) from the above^ list:

(c) Washington law and associated regulations.
The Mortgage Broker Practices Act.
The Consumer Protection Act.
The Escrow Agent Registration Act.
The Usury Act.
Unfair practices with respect to real estate transactions (RCW 49.60.222).
Mortgage, deed of trust, and real estate contract statutes set forth in Title 61 RCW.
Real estate and appraisal law, including without limitation, the provisions of chapters 18.85 and 18.140 RCW.
Washington principal and agent law.
Any subsequent act or regulation applying to mortgage brokers.

I have developed a set of 300+ practice questions that focus on the Mortgage Broker Practices Act, both it’s law and rules. The law and rule are available to read FOR FREE at this link. READ our state’s law and rules if you want to pass this exam.  Then come and buy my practice quizzes here and test your knowledge.

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