LO Exam Prep Only

If you are not yet licensed, you need the Pre-licensing class. Our pre-licensing class contains an exam prep component so you do not need to register for both classes.

If you took the exam and did not pass, read this blog post:
Why Some Loan Originators Are Not Passing The LO Exam

If you took your pre-licensing class from another course provider and want to try a live, instructor-lead exam prep, you found the right class.

This live course is designed for loan originators who may have taken their 20 Hr pre-licensing course from another provider but don’t feel ready for the exam OR are having trouble passing the national loan originator exam.

In the one-day exam prep course, we will review the important federal laws governing mortgage lending and then students will take a series of practice quizzes in order to test your comprehension and retention.  You will receive a course packet with an overview of the relevant federal laws and you will be able to take home all your practice quizzes for further study.

If you need help re-taking the exam, please read this blog post which may help you re-frame your goals. This course will be very helpful for LOs who scored low in the areas of “federal law” and “ethics.”  If you are scoring low in “general mortgage knowledge” or “loan origination activities” you may need to re-take a pre-licensing class.

Time:  9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
no-host lunch at noon and breaks in the morning and afternoon.
Locations and price will vary.
Our exam prep class is taught in tandem with our pre-licensing class, on the third day. Check our schedule and then note that you will be joining the rest of the students on Day 3.


End of Course Evaluations from past exam prep classes

“I took the new Uniform State LO Exam two days ago. This was the 1st day it was available and, thanks to your course, I passed! Good stuff.”

“Jillayne’s concise coverage of pertinent disclosures and statutes has provided me with knowledge necessary to be better than I am now and more importantly, to pass the test!”

“I feel like I have a shot at passing the exam now. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and what I needed from this class.”

“I’m the sort of person who wants to KNOW I’m going to pass a test instead of cramming at the last minute. With all these practice quizzes and my notes, I’ll be ready.”

“I learned a great deal and understand where I need to focus my efforts in preparation for my exam.”

“After nearly 4 years in the business, this class taught me more laws that I was not always aware of in daily originating.”

“I am happy to know that after the education I received in this class, and the upcoming exam, I will be more likely to be in compliance with state and federal laws. Thanks for making it fun!”

“I had a great time; THANKS for all the info. Because I’m new to the industry, I know for sure now, that I need to study more in order to be ready to pass the exam. Thanks for getting me pumped up to study.”

“This class was great! The teacher was helpful and I’m confident this will help me pass my exam.”

“This class was very educational.  Jillayne was a great teacher and all learning will benefit my career.”

“A good, comprehensive program that takes us through the various federal and state laws. I enjoyed the depth of detail and awareness of specific items that are not commonly practiced.”

“The class was excellent: upbeat presentation, prompt and fast moving. Organized into sections appropriate for testing.  Confident and well-educated instructor.”

“I found the class to be very helpful, especially with the mini-exams. The class is well worth the money.”

“I was really worried about taking the LO exam, hence enrolling in this course. Now that Jillayne has shared her wisdom of state and federal law I feel very confident that I am now able to pass the exam! Thank you!”

“Jillayne is awesome. This is my third class with her and I always learn so much from her.”

“The practice tests will give me an idea of what I need to focus on to pass the exam.”

Check schedule here. Remember, you’re joining us for Day 3.

206-931-2241 or jillayne@ceforward.com