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Idea: Attract more culturally diverse job applicants when recruiting for mortgage lending jobs

Beyond Craigslist, LinkedIn, Indeed and, here are some ideas to attract a more diverse pool of candidates when recruiting for jobs in the mortgage lending and real estate industries. Note: This list is focused on the greater Seattle, WA area. Northwest Asian Weekly —– Seattle Chinese Times —– La Raza Northwest —– Seattle Medium […]

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Why Are Appraisal Prices So High?

I hear this question frequently from licensed loan originators and Realtors: “Why are appraisal prices skyrocketing all of a sudden? Is there an appraiser shortage?” The reasons for the appraisal price increase are many and the solution will be multi-factorial. I attended a Washington State Mortgage Bankers Dinner meeting recently, and we had an appraisal […]

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To the attendees from the North Puget Sound Escrow Association Seminar, November 2015

Hi Everyone! Thanks again for inviting me to be a presenter at your seminar today. Here are the links and info that were mentioned in the seminar. Mortgage Fraud Trends Trends spotted by Freddie Mac. And from the FBI. HUD OIG is noticing an increase in the Sovereign Citizen scams. DFI continues to see out […]

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For Students From the March 19, 2009 Short Sale Class at Firstam Bellevue

There was a question about how to search for short sales and REOs (bank-owned foreclosed homes) in the NWMLS, until such time as a search feature is activated.  I wrote a blog post about this here. Here are all the press releases from the Obama administration’s Making Home Affordable plan. and here’s an interesting story […]

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$28 Million Earmarked for WA State

From Aubrey Cohen at the Seattle PI: HUD approves state’s foreclosure plan U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Steve Preston has approved Washington’s plan to use $28 million to help communities recover from the effects of high foreclosures and declining home values. HUD previously had announced that the state would get the Neighborhood Stabilization funds, […]

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News Roundup for Oct 6th

News Roundup: CR Writes: BOA Cuts Dividend in Half; Sees Further Weakening. SEC Takes Action Against  LA Mortgage Brokers Yves at Naked Capitalism gives us Roubini’s recommendation Countrywide Settlement from Attorney General Rob McKenna’s website Mortgage Porter on How Unmarried Individuals Can Take Title to Real Property Seattle Bubble: WaMu Executive Warned Board of Pending […]

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