How to Book Jillayne

There are various ways to book me for your next educational event.

Here are some examples for Loan Originator classes:

Full day, 8 hour LO CE class + your state component, or multi-state component, if needed.
Onsite, exclusive to your firm:
Training room must comfortably hold the number of students attending + room for trainer. I require visual/eyes on the room before approving the location.  Just take a picture of your training room and send it to me via text or email. For the comfort of the students, training rooms will not be booked over capacity.

Minimum onsite LO CE class requires a head count of at least 10 students.

Loan Originator Pre-Licensing class 
If you are a recruiter and must help a group of LOs take the class and the test so they can all transfer from a bank to a non-bank lender, I can help you by teaching a private class, exclusively for your group.


Here are some examples for Realtor clock hour classes:

Half day, 4 hour class, state-approved for real estate continuing education (CE)

Full day, 8 hours of state-approved real estate CE

One and a half days: This is usually your best value if you are flying me in.  In the greater Northwest states and California, I can fly to your state in the morning and teach an afternoon class that same day, from 1:00 to 5:00 PM.  Then I can teach two classes the following day and fly home that night.

Corporate bookings: Discounts are available for corporations booking a substantial number of classes all at once.

Out of town fees are based on a per-day charge. Airfare, hotel and transportation are extra, paid in advance by the booking party or reimbursed after the event.

In Western Washington, Puget Sound area events are based on a per student rate with a minimum number of attendees.
I support title insurance companies in regards to their requirement to follow state Insurance Commissioner guidelines, and all companies who need to comply with the provisions of RESPA.

I have no hidden agenda; no books to sell, no tapes, no coaching. Just great education.

Schedule of upcoming courses.

jillayne at ceforward dot com

206-931-2241 or