To the Students from the Dec 13, 2011 class at SKCAR Bellevue on How to Become an REO Listing Broker

Here’s the WA State Foreclosure Fairness Act and here’s the new WA State Foreclosure Resource Guide This is a VERY GOOD PDF for distressed homeowners.

Here’s a link to the WA State Bar Association where financially struggling homeowners can apply for free legal aid.

Here are some local King/Sno/Pierce statistics on trustee deeds and notice of trustee sales courtesy of Seattle Bubble.

Here’s one of many stories featuring Jim the Realtor, an REO agent out of Calif who videotapes the REOs he lists as part of his initial walk-through.

I mentioned a federal law that requires lenders to favor minority applicants when selecting REO listings….It’s called the Housing and Economic Recovery Act. Here’s more info from Fannie MaeFreddie Mac….and here’sa news story about it.

Here’s that 60 Minutes Episode on LPS and the Robo-signer scandal. Sounds like the first of many lawsuits.

AND the 60 Minutes episode where an EVP from Countrywide blows the whistle on pervasive fraud at all large metro Cwide branches.

Here’s the certification program referenced by Robert…>Nat’l Assoc of BPO Providers.


Titanium Mortgage Solutions is the name of the firm hiring Realtors to solicit foreclosed homeowners after the auction.,

Here’s the direct link to the list of WA State Chartered Banks

Here’s the most recent unofficial problem bank list.

I know you’ll ask for  the sales statistics I posted at the end of class from Jack Daly.

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